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World Sheep Shearing Records Society Inc

Our Origin

Prior to 1968, finding rules governing shearing record attempts is very limited. In 1968 the formulation of rules for shearing record attempts was initiated by competitors at the Golden Shears Championships, Masterton.

June 28th 1968 rules were drafted by a group representative of wool industry people at the N Z Wool Board Offices, Wellington, New Zealand and so originated a 'World Sheep Shearing Records Committee'. A lot of the preparatory work for these rules was done by the late Mr Godfrey Bowen.

The World Sheep Shearing Records Society was redefined in 1982 under the auspice of the New Zealand Wool Board and its National Shearing Committee (later becoming Shearing Sports New Zealand Inc). Input from Australia's Shearing Records Committee also took place. A minimum wool weight for sheep used in record attempts and appointment of a selected panel of qualified referees was a major part of the new rules.

In 2004 the World Sheep Shearing Records Society Incorporated was officially recognised as the stand alone governing body for World sheep shearing records. Member Countries are New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and United Kingdom.

Our Mission Statement

To ensure that all Record attempts are scrupulously fair to past and present Shearer's, and the sheep they shear.


  • 01

    Rules & Regulations

    To establish and adopt rules, regulations and define minimum standards.

  • 02


    To keep an accurate record of shearing records.

  • 03


    To organise and supply qualified referees at shearing record attempts.

  • 04


    To encourage sheep shearing as a sport.

  • 05


    To recognise the right of Countries to operate their own National sheep shearing records.

Associate Members

Organisations around the world.

World Sheep Shearing Records Society Inc works with the following Sheep Shearing Organisations around the world

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Governing Committee

  • Chairman: John Fagan (N Z) +64 27 2788088
    Secretary: Hugh McCarroll (N Z) + 64 27 2606475,


    Australia; Peter Artridge, Mark Baldwin, Peter Black, Ralph Blue, Grant Borchardt, David Brooker.
    New Zealand; Mike Barnett, Ian Buchanan, John Fraser, Bart Hadfield, Paul Harris, Robert McLaren.
    South Africa; Eddie Archer, Hendrik Botha, Quinton Rogers.
    United Kingdom; Arwyn Jones, Martyn David.

    Trainee Referees:

    South Africa; Piet Nel
    Australia; Mike Henderson

Selection of Referees

Country Committees nominate qualified shearing judges to become WSSRS trainee referees for approval at the AGM of their respective shearing sports National Committees. Shearing Sports New Zealand, Australia, South Africa Sheep Shearing Federation, British Isles Shearing Competitions Association. A twelve or three x four year term of refereeing is preceded by a probationary period, with selected referees attending and observing at least three record attempts. Term is taken from trainee referee's first refereeing assignment. Committees may re-elect referees after term is up if so desired.