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Past Record Attempt Results

Tuesday 26th July 2016

Matt Smith, N Z (now living in England) smashed the World strong wool ewe record at Trefrank Farm, Cornwall, England shearing 731 ewes in nine hours beating the record set by Rodney Sutton N Z in January 2007 by ten sheep.
An outstanding, consistent effort by Matt on 'beautiful' shearing sheep commented convening referee Ian Buchanan N Z. The other referees were Mark Baldwin Australia and Arwyn Jones Wales along with Martyn David Wales in attendance as a trainee referee.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Beau Guelfi's solo 8 hour merino ewe attempt was called off after lunch, Beau being too far behind the required tally.
Referees were Colin Gibson N Z (convener) Ralph Blue, Bernie Walker Mark Baldwin Australia.

Monday 8 February 2016

Leon Samuels solo attempt on the 8 hour strong wool ewe record was cancelled nine days prior due to unsuitable sheep.

Thursday 7th January 2016

The 3 stand, 8 hour strong wool lamb record attempt by Mark Barrowcliffe's gang of Ringa Paewai, Peter Lee Ratima and Craig Fagan (replacing an injured Aidan Copp) was called off at lunch time as the required tally was unattainable.
Referee's were Mark Baldwin (Australia) convener, Paul Harris, John Fraser, Mike Barnett, Ian Buchanan (New Zealand) and Trainee Observer, Robert McClaren.

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Stacey Te Huia's 9 hour strong wool ewe attempt at Mangarata-Taratahi Ag Training Centre, Masterton, N Z stopped at morning smoko when it was decided he was too far behind the required tally.
Referee's for this attempt were Mark Baldwin (Australia) convener, Colin Gibson, Ian Buchanan and Bart Hadfield (New Zealand).

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Shelford Wilcox 488, Kalin Chrystal 486, Errol Chrystal 373 set a three stand World Record shearing a total of 1347 strong wool ewes in eight hours at Big Hill Station, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Referees were, Ralph Blue (Australia) convener, Mike Barnett, Ian Buchanan, Colin Gibson and Bart Hadfield (New Zealand).

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Beau Guelfi and Bob White 'pulled the pin' at 3 pm on an attempt to break the Terry brother's 8 hour merino ewe shearing record at Parkdale Merino SRS Stud, Collie, Dubbo, N S W, Australia. Big ewes with an average wool weight of 4.9 kgs. proved insurmountable.
Referees were, Paul Harris (N Z) convener, Ralph Blue, Peter Black, Grant Borchardt (Australia) and Bernie Walker (Australia) along with John Fraser (NZ) and Arwyn Jones (Wales) observing.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Stacey Te Huia successfully cracked the 9 hour merino ewe record held by Dwayne Black, shearing 530 ewes at Parkdale Merino SRS Stud, Collie, Dubbo, N S W, Australia. Some reward for Stacey's resilience after his aborted attempt a month ago on the 9 hour strong wool ewe record.
Referees for the record were, Paul Harris (N Z) convener, Ralph Blue, Bernie Walker and Grant Borchardt (Australia) with John Fraser (N Z) and Arwyn Jones (Wales) observing.

22 January 2015
The attempt at the strong wool ewe record of 721, January 22nd 2015, by Stacey Te Huia was called off when it was decided his 427 was too far in arrears of record holder Rod Sutton's 440 at the lunch break.
Weather conditions at Te Hape B Trust, Benneydale, King Country, New Zealand were ideal for the attempt, the perendale cross ewes perhaps not quite so ideal!
Referees on the day were Mark Baldwin (Australia) convener, Paul Harris, Colin Gibson and John Fagan from New Zealand. Observing and trainee referee Bart Hadfield (North Island, New Zealand) was presented with his Referee's Badge by World Sheep Shearing Records Society Chairman John Fagan, later in the day. Arwyn Jones from Wales also observed as a trainee referee.

6 January 2015

A new 8 hour, 5 stand strong wool lamb record was achieved at Puketiti Station, Piopio, King Country, New Zealand.
Contractor Mark Barrowcliffe's gang of Ringa Paewai 618, Willie Hewitson 603, Aidan Copp 586, Jock MacDonald 564 and George Parker 539 with a final total of 2910 eclipsed the mark set by Clayton-Green/Welch Shearing twelve months ago by 272. Weather conditions were ideal for the attempt, staff for the property owners Ingleby NZLP Ltd could not have done more in co-operating to make the attempt successful and enjoyable.
Referees for the record were, Peter Black (Australia) convener, John Fagan, Ian Buchanan, Mike Barnett, Paul Harris, John Hough, and Colin Gibson (New Zealand) along with trainee referees, Dave Brooker (Australia) and John Fraser (New Zealand), Arwyn Jones from Wales attended as an observer referee.

5 April 2014

In warm and humid conditions following intermittent thunderstorms the previous two days, keeping the sheep under cover for two nights. A three stand eight hour merino ewe record was set at Parkdale Merino SRS Stud, Collie, Dubbo, NSW, Australia.
The Mudford Shearing Gang of Steve Mudford 396, Bod White 432 and Beau Guelfi 461 achieved a very respectable total of 1289.
Referees on the day were John Fagan N Z (convener), Quinton Rogers South Africa, along with Australian referees Mark Baldwin, Peter Artridge, Tony Abbey, Peter Black.

10 December 2013

Under ideal weather conditions a five stand 8 hour strong wool lamb record was set at Cashmore Farms, Kawakawa Bay/Orere Road, South Auckland, New Zealand.
Clayton-Greene and Welch Shearing Ltd gang of Sam Welch 573, Angus Moore 607, Coel Le'Huillier 518, Peter Totorewa 449 and Richard Welch 491 achieved a total of 2638.
Referees on the day were Ralph Blue (Australia) as convener, Bernie Walker (Australia), along with New Zealand referees John Hough, John Fagan, Colin Gibson, Ian Buchanan, Paul Harris and Hugh McCarroll.

12 February 2013

Stacey Te Huia failed in his attempt to break the 9 hour strong wool ewe record. The record attempt was called off at afternoon smoko when it was clear Stacey would not make the tally of 722 needed to beat Rodney Sutton's 721 set on the 30th January 2007. Stacey carried on to shear a personal best tally of 703 for the day.

05 February 2013

Hawke's Bay shearers John Kirkpatrick and James Mack and Southlanders Leon Samuels and Eru Weeds, shore 2556 strong wool lambs in eight hours to set a new Four-stand Eight-hour Lambshearing World Record. Individual tallies were John Kirkpatrick 650, Leon Samuels 648, James Mack 643 and Eru Weeds 615.

30 January 2013

Cam Ferguson, Adam Brausch and Ringa Paewai were understandably gutted when told by referees just hours before their record bid on Thursday that it was off because there was just not enough top-knot.